The Next Big Thing ~ Swing!

When retailers talk about “the next big thing” they are referring to the next popular line which brings customers into their stores repeatedly and generates blockbuster sales and profits; ie beanie babies, webkinz.

I have been an independent retailer for 15 years. For the last 8 years I’ve written a blog on and off for my fellow retailers called Sylvia’s Tip of the Day. I like to educate others on what I’m pretty good at, trends, keeping up with them, and translating them. Trends in color, looks/designs, and how to get your customers on board .

Fashion and apparel have been making its way into the independent gift retailer stores for quite a while. The shift in fashion and away from collectibles has been coming for a while now.  First jewelry, then accessories such as scarves and ponchos and now into full on apparel. Retailers without dressing rooms are making  them creatively with curtains or whatever it takes. This is the trend. This is where independent gift retailers are heading.

Unfortunately, buying for this category can be daunting for business owners.  Trying to predict what their customers will wear and like, along with ordering sizes can be confusing!

That’s why I created Swing by Sylvia.  I’ve designed a full line of ladies apparel which gets put together using a system I call “Swing into style as easy as 1, 2, 3”.  Having been in retail and dressing women for over 15 years I have seen that some ladies like help with putting outfits together.  Swing makes it easy for both groups the retailer and the consumer.  Start with a swing top, add a long tank and pair with leggings or a skirt. Add a poncho or scarf and you have the complete system of Swing dressing.  Easy, comfortable and in style! The modern swing silhouette is flattering on all sizes and shapes of women. The swing occurs at the point that most women like covering and that’s our middle section.  The illusion it provides is flattering and stylish for all ages! And  the line is made in the USA!

Swing is an easy system for retailers to order, and an easy system for customers to dress themselves. Once they have tried on the modern swing silhouette they will surely be back to buy more!  The entire line features this unique design. 

Apparel and accessories are the “next big thing”, as evidenced in the wholesale gift showrooms in Atlanta. Let Swing lead you into this new category of sales and profits.  Whether you are educated on trends or not, this line works for both the buyers and customers.  Casual, elegant dressing and simple ordering is as Easy as 1~2~3!

My best, Sylvia