I love you Twitter #Ido

February 2, 2015 @ 11:16 AM

Pinterest is for people who like pictures. Twitter is for people who like one liners, with hashtags.  Wikipedia describes a hashtag as:  "A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character (or number sign), # , to form a label. It is a type of metadata tag."

Twitter help says:  People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search. 

I use Twitter because 1) I love one liners; and 2) it just so happens that my brain only works one sentence at a time. A match made in heaven.

Today's tweets so far mention my distaste for potato salad and a rodent named Phil.

I ...

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