You are not the boss of me, Pantone!

Did you know that Pantone chooses a "color of the year"? They come up with this color based on fashion shows and what the higher end designers are using for their color palettes.  This year's color is Radiant Orchid, which is basically a fancy name for Fuschia. It's a very pretty color, don't get me wrong. BUT...

Do you know what is trending right now for "the" color of Spring?  Yup, last year's color of the year, Emerald Green!  If you are asking  yourself what happened to Radiant Orchid...join the club!

The fashion magazines are showing emerald green with pastels and especially navy for a crisp clean look.  I happen to like it. I'm the person who buys her spring pocketbook in the winter (awesome Kate Spade emerald green bag!) as well as spring apparel in the winter months. I like to be ready if/when Spring does arrive.

You are definitely going to see this new radiant orchid color as well.  Don't fret if you are thinking that this color won't work for you! An easy way to stay on trend, is to accessorize with it. By this I mean, scarves, jewelry or even your pocket book. 

A couple of years ago the color of the year was orange. If you are wondering what the loud moan in the Scituate area was, it was ME! At first I thought, are you kidding me?? I can't wear orange!  Well, I did. The best I could do was to wear fun chunky necklaces and bracelets, and scarves that had orange in it. I don't know how, but I did survive that year.

So there you have it. Don't let Pantone ruin your year, but what the heck...wear some fuschia. It won't kill you, will it???